Benefits and use of cogeneration

Combined generation of electricity and heat, i.e. cogeneration, is a method of generating electrical energy in which the heat released during the electricity generation process is used in a useful way, thus achieving a very high efficiency of use of energy contained in the fuel. At the same time, this process minimizes the losses that occur in conventional electricity generation. Due to the efficient use of “waste heat”, the combined heat and electricity generation can save up to 70 % of the energy contained in the fuel compared to separate electricity and heat generation. If the CHP unit is equipped with an additional absorption unit, we speak of trigeneration.

Benefits of cogeneration

Saves fuel resources
and CO2 emissions

Uses renewable
energy sources

It generates electricity
at the point of consumption

Examples of installations using natural gas

Heating plants and district heating systems

Industry and agriculture

Swimming pools and aqua parks

Sports facilities

Schools and universities

Hotels and pensions

Hospitals and clinics

Retirement homes

Office buildings