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TEDOM CHP Units 50Hz CHP units 937.34 KB
TEDOM Cogeneration brochure CHP units 4.87 MB
Press Info TEDOM – Polimex Energo Corporate 144.36 KB
TEDOM CHP Units 60Hz CHP units 823.56 KB
TEDOM GTS EN CHP units 422.46 KB
Biogas Plant in Suchohrdly – Case Study Case studies 337.99 KB
Cento and Quanto for the greenhouse operators Case studies 175.56 KB
TEDOM logo Photo 40.48 KB
Case Study – Modernization of a municipal boiler house in Szydłowiec, Poland Case studies 2.25 MB
General Overhaul of two 4.3 MW MWM Gen-sets in Bratislava, Slovakia – Case Study Case studies 340.93 KB
Micro – transparent picture of the CHP unit Photo 1.85 MB
District Heating System Modernization in Ostróda, Poland – Case Study Case studies 281.34 KB
Micro – picture of the CHP unit Photo 1.37 MB
Utilization of bio-waste with a positive impact on the environment in Liege, Belgium – Case Study Case studies 409.66 KB
Cento – transparent picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.83 MB
Cento – picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.83 MB
More efficient power supply to the hospital in the city of Woodstock, Canada – Case Study Case studies 279.07 KB
Flexi – transparent picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.84 MB
Flexi – picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.69 MB
Granada Luxury Belek hotel Antalya, Turkey – Case study Case studies 290.48 KB
Quanto – picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.80 MB
Quanto – transparent picture of the CHP unit Photo 2.95 MB
TEDOM logotype RGB jpg Photo 56.08 KB
Micro 35 at EQUS Corporate Office Case studies 155.90 KB
TEDOM_logotype_CMYK_ai Photo 1.14 MB
TEDOM_logotype_RGB_eps Photo 1.01 MB
2x Cento 160 for a municipal landfill near Pagny Sur Meuse Case studies 163.86 KB
Cento 285 at Township of Centre Wellington Case studies 159.50 KB
Cento 375 at Hartland meat processing industry Case studies 160.07 KB
TEDOM_logotype_RGB_ai Photo 316.05 KB
Cento 555 at Progel manufactory Case studies 212.08 KB
TEDOM_logotype_CMYK_eps Photo 1.72 MB
Quanto 1000 at Mondelez International Case studies 181.35 KB
Quanto 1200 at Mauro Benedetti paper mill Case studies 136.70 KB
2x Quanto 1200 at Altunizade Hospital Case studies 189.40 KB
Quanto 1600 for pet food manufacturer in Northampton Case studies 202.87 KB
TEDOM Remote monitoring CHP units 450.65 KB
General business terms and conditions TEDOM Corporate 335.92 KB
TEDOM GDPR Corporate 40.60 KB
TEDOM Partnership Program Corporate 3.29 MB
TEDOM General Purchase Terms and Conditions GPTC Corporate 52.93 KB
Policy of the integrated management system of the TEDOM Group Corporate 190.44 KB
Manual to provide training and awareness Corporate 171.33 KB