Energy Systems

All from one supplier together with all the warranties

Are you considering renovating your energy management or building a completely new energy source?
Leave the solution to us. We will carefully analyze your situation, design an effective solution, supply and install the necessary technologies.

How do we approach cooperation?

Analysis of
your operation
Preparation of
a detailed study
Proposal of
solutions and savings
Technical equipment

We install decentralized energy sources

We will design the most suitable combination of sources to reduce your energy costs.

Implemented turn-key projects

International Airport
Energy resources: 4x Quanto 3 MW CHP unit, absorption cooling
Installed output: 11.8 MW
The city and the country: Sydney, Australia
Industrial enterprise
Energy resources: 6x Quanto 2MW CHP unit
Installed output: 12MW
The city and the country: Svit, Slovak Republic
Industrial enterprise
Continental Automotive Systems
Energy resources: 2x Quanto 1MW CHP unit, absorption cooling
Installed output: 2 MW
The city and the country: Zvolen, Slovakia

We provide a wide range of services

We offer expert consultations within the project preparation for installation of CHP units, boilers and machine rooms.

We carry out the construction and verification studies. We provide author’s supervision.

We design the entire development including the mechanical part. We also design the air conditioning and exhaust systems.

We prepare the necessary documents and resources, e.g. for the needs of zoning and building permits.

In the form of general and partial deliveries, we replace, modify or supplement and optimize the technology of boiler plants, biogas plants or landfills.

We carry out the complete supply of the photovoltaic sources, including batteries. If necessary, we will arrange all the permits and arrange relevant subsidies.

We also supply containerized equipment for the gas purification and pressurizing in mines, biogas plants and landfills.

We offer welding of the steel and stainless steel pipes in workshops or directly on construction sites.

For renovations and new constructions we provide an expert consultation in the field of measurement and regulation.

We prepare the project implementation documents and the as-is execution projects. We prepare the necessary documents and resources.

We also carry out installation and maintenance of CO2 sensors.

For customers who do not have sufficient financial resources, we offer financing options directly from Tedom in the form of leasing or deferred payments.

Another option is to lease the technology or pay only for the energy consumed.

We can find a suitable form of cooperation.