3900 + Sold CHP Units
950 MW Installed Electrical Output
40 + Export Countries

New TEDOM energy sources in Vietnam

At the beginning of May 2018, 8 TEDOM Cento T200 CHP units were put into operation at the Waste Landfill site in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

New Biogas CHP Units Offered by TEDOM

We expanded our portfolio with two biogas CHP units of the FLEXI line with an output of 250 kW and 265 kW respectively. They are aggregates of SCHNELL Company using the Scania DC 13 engine which are equipped with a technology of so-called passive pre-chamber. Because of this technology, the electrical efficiency of both CHP units reaches 42.5%, which makes them units classified with the highest electrical efficiency in their power class.

We are increasing the number of CHP units in our offer

In March of this year, we included 3 new CHP unit types with MAN engines into our CHP offer. These are the Cento M260, Cento M350 and Cento M530 models with 260 kW, 355 kW and 528 kW of electrical output.

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