About Us

TEDOM is a founding member of the TEDOM Group. It also includes the TEDOM a.s. property-bound companies. The members of TEDOM Group are: TEDOM a.s., TEDOM Schnell GmbH (Germany), TEDOM USA Inc. (USA), TEDOM Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and TEDOM s.r.o. (Slovakia).


TEDOM was founded in 1991. Over a quarter of a century, it has become an international company with more than 500 employees selling its products in dozens of countries around the world.

We started with one model of 22 kW output CHP unit. Then, other types of higher outputs were added, and along with the natural gas units, we started developing units burning biogas. Today, we offer dozens of CHP units for natural gas and biogas with output ranging from 7 kW to 10 MW. Apart from stand-alone CHP units, we also supply complex turnkey projects that include project documentation, technology delivery, and construction of the entire energy source. Since 2003 we have our own development and production of TEDOM engines. CHP units with these engines constitutes the basis of our product offer.

For the ČEZ Group, we operate over 130 CHP units connected to virtual power plants or 110 MW electrical appliances. We also operate energy sources at municipal waste landfills, in the available annual production of tens of thousands of megawatt-hours of green electricity. We have an extensive service network, it is a large remote and online monitoring of the operation of CHP units.

In autumn 2016, we bought the German company SCHNELL, a leading supplier of CHP units for biogas plants. The number of employees in the amount of TEDOM is at 900 and the number of common references exceeded 8000 CHP units.

Our Philosophy

We Save Our Customers' Money

We manufacture energy-saving devices that reduce our customers energy costs while at the same time, being environmentally friendly. We are not afraid of innovations.

We Deliver All Over the World

Long years of experience with installations of CHP units in dozens of countries throughout the world allow us to respond flexibly to different customer demands.

We Provide Reliable Maintenance

In the Czech Republic we have a vast maintenance network with nine centres, more than thirty crews and dozens of professionally trained technicians.

Milestones of Our Development


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