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600 - 4 500 kW

The Quanto series CHP units have a really high output. One such unit can reliably supply heat to an entire housing estate of two hundred and fifty apartments, including the adjacent primary school.

At the same time, it produces enough electric power to cover the consumption of a town of two thousand people. Other applications include energy-intensive industrial plants, mines, etc.

Examples of use: Large industrial plants, coal mines and heat supply systems
CHP unit versions:

Without a sound enclosure

With a sound enclosure


Features of the Quanto CHP unit

Engines from renowned manufacturers

Quanto series CHP units use the MWM and MAN engines.

Various version options

The CHP units can be freestanding, fitted with a sound enclosure or placed in a container.

Freestanding power and control switchboards

The power and control switchboard can be placed separately in a suitable location.

Generators for the low and high voltage

The Quanto CHP units’ generator can be connected to both the low and high voltage networks.

Stand-alone motor-generator

The motor-generator module is separate from the thermal module in all the versions.

Single module selection option

Single modules can be selected for the outputs of 600 – 10,000 kW.
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