Network ancillary services

Join our aggregation block through our company to provide support services for CEPS.
Benefit from providing flexibility: Increase the yield of your energy portfolio by applying spare generation capacity.

What are network ancillary services

The price of energy and the amount of energy on the grid vary throughout the day. Therefore, the Czech Transmission System Operator (CEPS) has a shortage or surplus of electric power at any hour. Your source can help balance the imbalance in the grid: You can offer part of your generation capacity to support the system with production or, conversely, with increased consumption during the exposed hours. As the owner of the source, you are rewarded for this readiness and for the supply itself. Thanks to Tedom, you can now also actively participate in this service. If you become part of our aggregation block, we will share the reward with you.

What is an aggregation block

It is a set of sources working together for the purpose of providing power balance services, with a total capacity of at least 1 MW. For smaller sized sources, TEDOM allows you to aggregate them into a block that acts externally as one large source. TEDOM is already a certified service provider for CEPS.

Sources of revenue from the provision of ancillary services

SOURCE RESERVATION TEDOM actively offers aggregated sources to CEPS for reservation. CEPS reserves the resource through TEDOM so that it can be used when needed. The customer is already entitled to a reward for successfully reserved source
ACTIVATION OF THE SOURCE In the event of a major imbalance in the grid, CEPS will request assistance through TEDOM in the form of source activation. TEDOM activates and controls the source. The customer is also entitled to a reward for the activated source.

An energy source in an aggregation block can be:

CHP unit
Photovoltaic power plant
Battery system
Electric boiler

Comprehensive solutions
from a single supplier

We offer you a turn-key solution. We can manufacture and install the sources for you, whether it is cogeneration or photovoltaics. We also supervise, manage and regularly service the sources.

We are a licensed aggregation block operator certified by CEPS. We have our own software solution that we can further license.

We take care of setting up the services for your network needs – booking, activation and management is entirely within our control to maximize profits for our customers.