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tedom Micro

compact machines with high efficiency
20 - 55 kW

Installing or replacing technology in technical rooms of buildings is often a challenge, especially due to reduced accessibility. We have taken these obstacles into account when developing the Micro CHP units.

The design is compact and fits literally anywhere. Installation is therefore quick and does not involve significant extra costs. Even the subsequent servicing of the units does not require much space.

Examples of use: Hotels, hospitals, waste water treatment plants
CHP unit versions:

Without a sound enclosure

With a sound enclosure


Features of the MICRO CHP unit

Small space requirements

Compact dimensions allow the unit to be installed even in tight spaces.

Automatic operation

Thanks to a sophisticated control system, the unit operates fully automatically.

Long service life

Quality workmanship and regular maintenance ensure a long service life of the unit.

Plug & Play

Thanks to the all-in-one design and unventilated enclosure, complex modifications are eliminated.

Very quiet operation

The tightly sealed sound enclosure ensures quiet operation of the unit.

Adjustable switchboard

The separate rotary electrical switchboard allows positioning according to the spatial layout.
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