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simply flexible
260 - 555 kW

Flexi series CHP units are optimally used in energy-demanding buildings such as, hospitals, schools, hotels, aquaparks, conference centers and industrial facilities.

Their modular design allows for simple adaptation to customers’ requirements where they can select a wide array of functionality. To put it simply, the main features of this output series are flexibility and simple configurability.

Examples of use: Swimming pools, aqua parks, biogas plants, industrial plants, schools and universities
CHP unit versions:

Without a sound enclosure

With a sound enclosure


Features of the Flexi CHP unit

Wide output range

The Flexi series includes the CHP units with an electrical output of 260-555 kW.

Low emissions

Thanks to the stoichiometric combustion engines or an integrated SCR system, the Flexi CHP units produce very low NOx emissions.

Variable version

The CHP units can be supplied as an open module, equipped with a sound enclosure or housed in a container.

Optional switchboard location

The switchboard can either be placed directly on the CHP unit frame, or be free standing and connected to the unit by cables.

External oil tank

Oil changes are automatically performed from an external tank, extending the service interval and reducing costs.

Multi-fuel operation

The Flexi CHP units can burn natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, and other gaseous fuels.
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