Overhaul of three Quanto CHP units at OKD premises

calendar 08.06.2023
Last year, three Quanto CHP units were overhauled for our major customer Green Gas DPB, a.s. at the OKD premises. Roman Vágner, the leader of this project, informed us about the details.

Already in the spring of last year, working with our customer, Green Gas DPB, a.s., we consulted the customer’s ideas for the upgrade and repair of the Quanto 1600 CHP units supplied by us, which are located at OKD’s premises, specifically at the Staříč, Dukla and Paskov mines.

Since the beginning of the year, we had been fine-tuning the contracts to suit both parties, which were successfully signed in March and April. Given the extent of the repairs, the preparations took approximately six months from the signing of the contracts and the work on the first CHP unit started in September. The window for repair of one CHP unit was contractually set at a maximum of 30 days. This was agreed upon with the customer for all the three CHP units that were to be overhauled.

During the overhaul, we carried out the work within the agreed scope and schedule, mainly replacing the engine, generator, heat exchangers, pumps as well as the coolers. Due to the requirement to keep the downtime of the CHP unit as minimal as possible, we also brought in an external specialist company to assist us with the work, especially in regards to the handling of the heavy components. However, the majority of the repairs were carried out by my service team technicians and I would like to thank them for their excellent work.

As mentioned, we had 30 days to repair one CHP unit contractually. However, we managed to complete the entire repair while maintaining our high quality standard of work, always within 22 to 24 days, in other words, ahead of time and with plenty time to spare. We completed the overhaul of all the three CHP units by the end of November, 2022.

We can already say that we have agreed with Green Gas DPB, a.s. on further overhauls of their TEDOM CHP units. In all, there will be 7 overhauls in 2023. Further overhauls are tentatively planned to the year 2030. I am very pleased that, in this way, Green Gas DPB, a.s. has shown its trust in us and overall satisfaction with our services, as evidenced by the continuous long-term cooperation in carrying out service for them since 2008.

I would like to add that the CHP units I have mentioned here are currently in full operation, and the energy obtained from them is being fully utilized. The electric power is completely fed back into the grid and the heat produced is used for heating the commercial premises. The CHP unit at the Dukla mine supplies heat to new businesses and halls in the surrounding area. The heat from the Paskov mine CHP unit is piped through a central hot water pipeline to the office buildings and the heat in Staříč is used by the energy company Veolia.