Developing EPC Projects at TEDOM Poland Sp. z o. o.

calendar 15.03.2024

Thinking about the continuous development of our company, we have undertaken several projects in the EPC formula in recent years. Proceeding with the project in the Engineering-Procurement-Construction formula (EPC), also known as “turnkey solutions,” is another opportunity to increase the sales of our products. The EPC formula requires greater engagement in the project than standard delivery and commissioning. The general contractor is engaged in all steps of the project, starting from the design, through the implementation of technological and construction works, delivery of the CHP and other key equipment, to commissioning and integration of the delivered system with the existing systems at the facility, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

We started our adventure with EPC projects at the beginning of 2020, winning a public tender to design and build a biogas-powered cogeneration system for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sokołów Podlaski (eastern Poland). We completed the task in which we delivered the CENTO 100 T BIO C unit in a record time of 7 months. Due to changes in regulations and the method of acceptance of installations by Grid Operators caused by the implementation of the GRID CODE, subsequent projects were no longer possible to be completed in such a short time.

Next, we realized installations in the EPC formula for the Wastewater Treatment Plants in Świebodzin and Kościan (both located in western Poland). These installations were also based on the CENTO 100 T BIO C units. In addition, we implemented an installation based on the Flexi 530 MAN BIO C unit at a landfill in Tychy city (southern Poland).

We are currently proceeding with our largest EPC project. In a consortium with a technology company dealing with installations for biogas purification and storage, we are conducting an investment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Katowice (Silesia region). TEDOM Poland’s scope includes the preparation of complete construction and executive design together with obtaining all consents and permits, as well as the construction of an installation for generating electricity and heat from biogas. As part of this task, we have already delivered the QUANTO 400 MWM BIO C unit. Start-up and completion of the entire installation are planned for the end of March this year.