CHP unit installation at Progel, Mexico

Place of implementation: Mexico

PROGEL is a leading manufacturer of grenetina, natural gelatin. Given the fact that grenetina production process is energydemanding, PROGEL sought methods to cut down energy costs. The option of installing highly-efficient cogeneration technology was evaluated as the most effective choice.

CHP unit type
TEDOM Cento 555
Natural Gas
Electrical Output
453 kW
Heat Output
725 kW
Total Efficiency (LHV)
90.5 %

About project

Juan Francisco Rios from Grupo Energos mentioned:
„The experience with TEDOM Cento 555 CHP unit installed in Progel has exceeded expectations. It is worth mentioning that during 6 months there have been savings of approximately 160,000 USD, which confirm that cogeneration is an ideal project for companies which require heat and electricity. Added to this, plant self-sufficiency to operate and stop when needed has been of great help. There is no doubt that cogeneration in distributed generation is the best solution for Mexican industry.“