BOSCH Thermotechnik visited us in Trebic

calendar 21.09.2022
A few days ago, we welcomed representatives of BOSCH Thermotechnik GmbH to our Trebic plant in order to discuss the next steps and plans for the upcoming period. The main topic of the meeting was the control system of our CHP units and its standardization for the needs of BOSCH.

During this visit, we also presented the BOSCH representatives with three of the awards that are intended for the best partners of TEDOM. BOSCH ordered the largest number of cogeneration units in the decision period, had the highest turnover among all our foreign partners, and thus became the biggest jumper compared to the previous period.

We are convinced that our partnership will continue to deepen in the years to come thanks to last week’s meeting, where we clarified most of the uncertainties or technical issues and made several joint strategic decisions.

Cooperation with BOSCH Thermotechnik

In autumn 2020, we signed a framework agreement with BOSCH for the supply of CHP units. This marked the conclusion of a strategic partnership that led to the replacement of the entire portfolio of BOSCH Buderus Loganova CHP units in the output range of 30 – 530 kW with TEDOM CHP units. We have thus become an important partner for BOSCH in the German market. Our cooperation has been going on for more than two years and has resulted in more than 100 CHP units sold.