We offer new services in the field of photovoltaics

calendar 28.11.2022
At TEDOM we focus not only on the development and supply of CHP units. We also bring other products and solutions to the modern energy industry. We do not stand still but respond to the changing energy market in Europe. One area that is currently undergoing rapid development is solar energy.

We see photovoltaics as a complementary technology to cogeneration. These technologies support each other excellently and together they bring higher added value to customers. That is why we have been very proactive in the field of photovoltaic systems this year.

Within the TEDOM Group, several new project teams have been created that are directly involved in the implementation of photovoltaic power plants. This has already resulted in dozens of ongoing projects for small consumers up to 10 kW as well as larger projects that exceed 100 kW in capacity. We have also found suitable synergies within the Group for these purposes – for example, we have designed and manufactured the electrical switchgear for which there are currently long waiting times. We thus have control over their quality and their availability is significantly better for us.

However, the delivery of the power supply solution is just the beginning of cooperation with TEDOM. In addition to energy sources, i.e. CHP units or photovoltaics, we also offer our customers advanced control and management of their energy supply. For these needs, we have established a new company, TEDOM Power s.r.o., whose employees have been in the industry for decades. They design for our customers the model of energy supply that is best for the specific type of operation. By offering a wide range of services, we can offer solutions to a broad group of customers.

Our goal for 2023 is to become an active player in the energy market. We already offer our customers self-generated electricity, but we want to increase our capacity significantly. We are building a distributed power plant for this purpose, which will respond flexibly to the current needs of the energy market in the Czech Republic or provide e.g. power balancing services for the national grid operator. What is important for our customers is that they will also gain additional sources of income thanks to this new approach. Being part of the TEDOM Group is simply worthwhile.