We commisioned a 4 MW CHP system in Tarnowskie Hory, Poland

calendar 15.06.2023
On April 26, a highly efficient TEDOM CHP system was installed at the Tarnowskie Gory heating plant in Poland. The system consists of two containerised QUANTO 2000 natural gas-fired CHP units, each with an electrical output of 2 MWe, and a biomass boiler room with a thermal output of 12 MW.

The project will also include the installation of an additional 1 MWe CHP unit that will use a mixture of natural gas and biogas from the local wastewater treatment plant.

This new environmentally friendly plant will supply heat to around 10,000 households and public facilities in Tarnowskie Gory. The benefits to the local community are significant: the plant’s use of gas, biogas and locally sourced forest biomass as fuel will result in a 50% reduction in coal consumption at the existing heating plant. Additionally, more than half of the heat produced will come from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency, low-carbon gas cogeneration. This change will result in an annual reduction of 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to planting over 2 million trees.