Vladimír Hlavinka became Vice-Chairman of the Modern Energy Union, Czech Republic

calendar 06.03.2023
The Union of Modern Energy has elected a new board of directors, and Vladimír Hlavinka, CEO of TEDOM, will be a member of the board for the next four years.

The Union of Modern Energy aims to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic and decarbonise the Czech energy sector. Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO, was elected chairman of the board of directors. The members of the Union elected Vladimír Hlavinka, CEO of TEDOM, and Marek Lang, Director of the Energy Division of JRD Energo and Vice-Chairman of the Alliance for Energy Self-Reliance, as Vice-Chairmen.  

“Classical and modern energy are often pitted against each other, which is a completely nonsensical view. In the future, they will coexist, complement each other, work together and side by side. It’s just a matter of finding the right mix for the benefit of customers, the best fit for our country. I see my mission in finding the right mix,” said Vladimír Hlavinka, the newly elected Vice-Chairman of the Modern Energy Union and CEO of TEDOM. 

The Modern Energy Union brings together the most important industry associations of the modern energy sector and key university research centres. Thanks to the cross-sectional representation of experts, the Union can offer a comprehensive view of the opportunities in the emerging field of new low-carbon energy. The Union aims to proactively enter the Czech and European debate on the possibilities of energy transformation. At the same time, it brings key impulses that will ensure the Czech Republic’s leading position in the development and production of progressive technologies. 

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