Vladimír Hlavinka became a member of the Executive Committee of COGEN Europe

calendar 27.10.2022
At the annual conference of COGEN Europe, the European association for the promotion of cogeneration, which was held in October this year, TEDOM CEO Vladimír Hlavinka was elected as a member of the association’s Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is composed of 14 cogeneration experts, each of whom represents a National COGEN Association, an Executive Member, or a Full Member. The Executive Committee is chaired by the Chair of COGEN Europe and attended by the Managing Director of COGEN Europe. It meets 4 times each year and its functions are twofold:

  • To oversee the operations of COGEN Europe, advising and assisting with the management, financial prudence, and staffing of the association.
  • To provide input to the policy formulation of COGEN Europe.

Besides the representatives of the national associations, the Executive Committee also includes other representatives from cogeneration technology manufacturers such as AB Energy, Siemens Energy, Innio, or 2G Energy. The election of Vladimír Hlavinka to this position is thus a recognition of TEDOM’s position among the major players in the cogeneration sector.