TEDOM Quanto 1000 CHP unit will reduce heating costs in Český Těšín

calendar 12.07.2023
In June 2023, we delivered a TEDOM Quanto 1000 CHP unit powered by natural gas, featuring an electrical output of 1 MW, to Teplo Těšín a.s. The unit is currently being installed and undergoing other necessary preparations at the Hrabinská housing estate in Český Těšín. The primary goal of this investment is to decrease heating expenses. Teplo Těšín a.s. intends to progressively offer this advantageous heat price to all of its customers. The unit’s test operation is scheduled for October 2023.

The cogeneration unit is equipped with a 100 cubic meter storage vessel, which serves to mitigate the imbalance between heat production and customer consumption.
This enables the storage of heat during the day, which can be utilized at night when the CHP unit is not operational due to lower electricity prices. The electricity generated will be supplied to the grid, providing an additional source of income for the CHP operator.

While the energy concept in the Czech Republic is still pending approval of the amendment to the LEX OZE II Act, this project serves as a preliminary measure in the implementation of community energy within the city. The town of Český Těšín and Teplo Těšín a.s. are proactively making preparations to leverage the advantages offered by this forthcoming legislation. Deputy Mayor Jan Pekař explains that this project will enable the town to promptly reap the benefits of the new legislation as soon as it is enacted.