Overhaul of the CHP unit saved the operator over EUR 100,000.

calendar 26.07.2023
Our long-standing customer, Green Gas DPB, a.s., has been operating a TEDOM Quanto 2000 CHP unit in the now-closed  Rychvald mine in the Karviná region since 2008. We have been providing regular service to this mine gas CHP unit throughout this time period. Currently, the entire gen-set has been in operation for 121,000 operation hours and it will undergo its second overhaul in June 2023.

The customer expressed interest in the overhaul in early April of this year. We immediately started all the necessary work including ordering the necessary spare parts including the X-Change service from the engine supplier, MWM. As part of this service, MWM supplies a completely identical engine type that can be easily replaced. The old engine is to be sent back to the manufacturer for a consequent inspection, overhaul and restoration of its parts as necessary. As a result of this service and the professional approach of our service technicians, we are able to reduce the standard downtime without affecting the quality of the overhaul.   

The overhaul started on June 5 and ended on June 20. The total downtime was therefore only 16 days, a savings of approximately 14 days as compared to the standard overhaul duration. With a purchase price of electric power of approximately EUR 0.17 per kWh and an average production of 1900 kW/hour, this represents a saving of over EUR 100,000. During the downtime, we carried out general maintenance of the pumps and enclosure fans, replacement of the heat exchangers including new insulation, replacement of the catalytic converter, overhaul of the generator circuit breaker, and other components as well.   

Investing in cogeneration technology is a long-term goal for the operator. The life expectancy of any given CHP unit can be more than 15 years, but on the condition that the operator takes good care of the CHP unit. Regular servicing is therefore a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the CHP unit.   

After a certain period of time, it is also necessary to overhaul the CHP unit which includes thorough inspection and maintenance of the individual components and systems. After a specified number of operation hours, the actual engine is also replaced. As a result, this ensures the reliable operation of the CHP unit, increases the efficiency of the CHP unit operation, and by doing so, prevents any potential failures of the CHP unit.