calendar 17.08.2022
TEDOM expands its business operation in North America with over 100 CHP units sold. The total electrical output of these units is more than 33 MW. We started actively expanding in North America in 2016 with our focus mainly on establishing regional partners with strong service and maintenance backgrounds who can provide technical sales and support. These include Kinsley Energy Systems in the USA, Total Power Limited and CO-CONERGY Corp. in Canada and ENERGOS in Mexico.

“Much more important than the sale of 100 units  is the fact that TEDOM has an extensive size range of CHP units with an electrical output from 35kW to 4MW. In other words, TEDOM can always offer the best solution to meet the client’s needs for a reliable, cost effective and resilient way of producing heat and electricity, whether the fuel for the CHP unit is natural gas, biogas, LPG or even RNG. The majority of TEDOM CHP units is as well ready for co-firing a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas up to the maximum hydrogen concentration of 20%, “says Michael Jewell, the sales manager responsible for the North American region.

CHP units are also valued in North America for their ability to operate in the so-called island mode, i.e. without being connected to the main network. Cogeneration thus brings much needed resilience and flexibility, as the CHP units can be switched on and off according to the current needs of the operator. CHP units can also act as a backup power source. In addition, they significantly reduce emissions caused by the production of power and heat.

“We are taking all the necessary steps to double the number of installed units as early as 2023. We have already established direct support for our partners and end clients with the appointment of Michael Alfano as the new director of operations, along with factory trained OEM service technicians. Another immediate goal is to open a spare parts warehouse, which will significantly speed up the maintenance procedure and reduce the cost of transporting spare parts for our service partners, ”adds Michael Jewell.