Long-term supply of power and heat from a CHP unit owned by TEDOM and operated by a customer

Customer: Líheň Studenec, s.r.o.

Operation: Chicken hatchery and administrative premises


Installed technologies:

  • Energy source: TEDOM Cento 200 CHP unit
  • Electrical output: 200 kW
  • Useful heat output: 236 kW
  • Storage tank of heating water: 20 m³

Description of operation:

The CHP unit will supply power and heat to the customer's production and administrative premises. The CHP unit is expected to operate 5840 hrs/year. All power will be consumed in the customer's operation. Electric power overflows to the grid are not allowed. Heat will be supplied to the hot water boiler plant and will largely replace the operation of the customer's gas boilers which will act as a back-up and peaking source. The customer is offered a saving of 5% on their heat production cost and a discount of 100% on distribution charges and POZE payments for the power supplied from the plant.

Production and savings information:

  • Power produced: 1,133 MWh/year
  • Heat produced: 5,193 GJ/year
  • Customer heat savings: 7,600 €/year
  • Customer savings on electricity: 11,000 €/year
  • Rent for the premises for the technology: 2,000 €/year
  • Total savings for the customer: 20,600 €/year