In Poland, we have established a new company and plan to build and operate 10 MWe of low-emission sources per year.

calendar 12.04.2024

Together with our Polish partner Polimex Mostostal, we have established Polimex Energo, which will build and operate a portfolio of CHP units for Polish heating and industrial companies. These are still largely dependent on coal and need to transform.

The new company, Polimex Energo, will be a joint venture between the Czech company TEDOM and the Polish power engineering company Polimex Mostostal with a 50% stake. The formation of the company was approved by the antitrust authorities of both countries in April 2024.

Polimex Energo will install the new TEDOM CHP unit free of charge for corporate and heating company customers while supplying heat at a lower price than if it were produced by its own gas boiler. In addition to heat at a favourable price and modernisation of the heating system without having to spend their funds, customers will also receive a stable income from renting the premises where the unit is installed.

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