How to benefit from joining an aggregated block

calendar 27.04.2023
Connecting to an aggregated block brings new income opportunities for the owner of the energy source and can also contribute to the stability of the grid. New technologies and innovations, the move away from fossil fuels or even the rapid development of renewable electricity sources (RES) provide a number of opportunities to contribute to the environmental improvement. But they also have their weaknesses and limits. The functioning of RES depends on the natural conditions, which can cause problems with fluctuations in the supply of electricity from the sun or wind if the accumulation is not sufficient.

Aggregation flexibility allows to adapt the electricity generation to compensate for the fluctuations in the RES electricity supply. While until recently the electric power generation was matched to the consumption, the future model will be reversed and the consumption will start to match the generation. This may include, for example, shifting the electric power consumption to such periods of time when more RES electric power is available, or employment of accumulation, e.g. batteries in electric cars, to store the RES energy for later use.

A good way to better integrate the electric power generation from RES is not only to ensure that the energy consumption is optimized, but also to focus on the overall robustness of the energy system and its smart operation. In this way, the share of RES can increase without compromising the security and stability of the grid. Flexible resources are an integral part of this solution, as they can eliminate deviations that cannot be solved by optimizing the consumption.

We have developed our own software solution for the operation of the TEDOM aggregation block which we currently manage. In doing so, we have drawn on more than 30 years of experience in operating our own resources. As a result, we are now able to offer our customers interesting business models, from joining our aggregation block to creating our own block based on the granting of a license. We provide flexibility not only for CEPS but also for managing our customer portfolio.

Flexible management of energy resources or energy consumption are the areas that we all need to address and continue to develop in the energy sector. With our software solution, it is possible to optimize the production and consumption of electric power in a way that leverages the strengths of the individual resources involved.

In the environment of transition to decentralized energy, this is one of the ways of coordinated integration of RES into the distributed energy system. A coordinated approach to the energy sector and its further development, its resilience and flexibility are crucial for our society. Since the beginning of our existence, we have been supplying energy sources – CHP units – that strengthen the stability of the energy network while efficiently handling the fuels.

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