Extension of the CHP unit operation by the ancillary services

Customer: Smaller urban area

Type of operation : district heating plant


Technologies installed: 

  • Energy source: TEDOM Quanto 1000 CHP unit
  • Electrical output: 999 kW
  • Heat output: 1155 kW

Description of operation:


A natural gas-fired CHP unit with an electrical output of 1 MW supplies power and heat to a residential area of a smaller town. The unit is operated on a standard heating schedule, running almost continuously for most of the winter, intermittently during transitional periods and it is out of service in the summer.

The power is used to cover the district heating plant's own consumption and to supply the grid. The heat is supplied to a hot-water boiler house which has a storage tank. The volume of heat supplied is about 24 000 GJ/year and power about 5 000 MWh/year.

By connecting to the TEDOM aggregation block, the customer has received additional revenues of €65,300 in the first 8 months of 2023, without changing its mode of operation and without any additional costs.