Electricity and heat from one source

Efektivní využití paliva

CHP units are devices for highly efficient production of electricity and heat.
Their efficiency is around 90%, in some cases exceeding 100%.
TEDOM has delivered over 9000 CHP units to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Advantages of TEDOM CHP units

The design of each model series is designed to make the CHP units as efficient and easy to install as possible.

The long service life and reliability of TEDOM CHP units is the result of continuous development of all their components and optimization of service intervals.

The operation of TEDOM CHP units is fully automatic, the operation of the units can be monitored and controlled remotely via Internet connection.

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Fuel for CHP units

TEDOM CHP units burn not only natural gas or LPG, but also various types of biogas. This is produced, for example, by the decomposition of biomass in agricultural biogas plants, municipal waste landfills or wastewater treatment. Coal mine gas from coal mining or closed mines, or associated gas from oil extraction, can also be used to generate electricity.