CHP unit installation at Mauro Benedetti, Italy

Place of implementation: Florence, Italy

Mauro Benedetti S.P.A is a major company in the paper industry in Italy. It is significant for its originality and the creation of corrugated cardboard products, and also for its approach to the environment and strict compliance with energy directives. In cooperation with Gesco S.p.a Unipersonale, Mauro Benedetti S.P.A chose the Quanto CHP unit from TEDOM as its source of energy.

CHP unit type
TEDOM Quanto 1200
Natural Gas
Electrical Output
1 200 kW
Heat Output
637 kW

About project

The installation was challenging from the engineering point of view because four different types of energy (electricity, diathermic oil, cooling, and hot water) had to be effectively combined. Although the CHP doesn´t contain a flue gas exchanger, all the flue gases are well used in the steam generator which was installed instead of the flue gas exchanger.
In the case of this combination, the CHP unit allows to cover 78 % of thermal energy at high temperature, 66 % of thermal energy at low temperature, 81 % of cooling energy, and 77 % of electricity absorption.