Deployment of CHP unit in Mondelez

Place of implementation: Czech republic

Mondelez Czech Republic, s.r.o. is a part of the Mondelez International group of companies which is the world’s leading manufacturer of confectionery and baked products. It’s most famous brands include Milka chocolates and Oreo biscuits. The product portfolio in the Czech and Slovak markets includes brands like BeBe Dobré ráno, Opavia, Brumík, Fidorka, Figaro, Halls, Kolonáda, Miňonky or TUC.

CHP unit type
TEDOM Quanto 1000
Natural Gas
Electrical Output
999 kW
Heat Output
1 207 kW
Total Efficiency (LHV)
90.4 %

About project

Mondelez operates a biscuit factory in Opava. As part of environmental protection measures, the company has installed two new hot water boilers to heat water and the CHP unit in its factory above.

Whereas the CHP units were previously used mainly by cities, in recent years they have also started to be used more and more frequently in commercial applications as well. They bring both financial savings and a lower environmental burden to industrial enterprises. The fuel, natural gas, is significantly more environmentally friendly than the previously used coal.

At the Mondelez factory, the CHP unit was installed during the extensive reconstruction of the gas boiler room which enables the simultaneous production of electricity and heat in an efficient and environmental-friendly manner by using natural gas. The factory is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)for green buildings, their design, operation and management. Cogeneration will enable the factory to further reduce its environmental footprint due to lower CO2 emissions as compared to the separate production of power and heat.