CHP unit installation for meat processing industry

Place of implementation: Canada

Alberta Pork is one of the pork meat producers in Canada. To ensure market leadership it was necessary to reduce energy requirements and carbon offsets, so certain environmental steps had to be taken. One of them was the installation of a TEDOM cogeneration unit, which can provide both electricity and heat to the company.

CHP unit type
TEDOM Cento 375
Natural Gas
Electrical Output
375 kW
Heat Output
483 kW
Total Efficiency (LHV)
89.3 %

About project

Using the CHP unit also reduces the company´s costs. Approximately 90 % of all produced heat can be used during nine months of the year, which translates into a 35 % reduction in overall energy costs or more than $230,000 per year. In just under three years, the system is expected to have paid for itself, while the life of the equipment is  estimated to be 15 years.


”Consumers want to see how producers are ‘going green.’ By adopting systems like combined heat and power, we can say the pork industry is moving in the right direction.”

Darcy Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Alberta Pork