CHP unit installation at Township of Centre Wellington

Place of implementation: Canada

The Combined Heat and Power System produces up to 250 kW of power for the Sportsplex which is approximately 80 % of the daily demand in the summer and approximately 60 % of the demand over the winter months. Over the year it off sets the energy currently provided from the grid by approximately 2,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) roughly equivalent to the amount of energy used in 160 homes per year

CHP unit type
TEDOM Cento 285
Natural Gas
Electrical Output
285 kW
Heat Output
419 kW
Total Efficiency (LHV)
91.4 %

About project

By generating power locally, the heat created by converting gas to electricity can be purposely used for environmental heating, pool heating, dehumidification, and in some cases cooling. By installing this equipment, the Township is capable of fully using the Sportsplex in an emergency situation as a shelter for the residents of Centre Wellington.


“Selecting a co-generation energy solution, rather than a traditional diesel generator, will provide our community with an emergency power back-up system and energy producing system for the daily operation of the Sportsplex. It is incredible that this green energy solution is expected to produce operational savings of $1 million over 10 years.”
Kelly Linton, Mayor of the Township