Another company – TEDOM trading s.r.o. – has been added to the TEDOM Group

calendar 29.04.2022
TEDOM trading specializes in trading electrical and gas energy in the stock and over-the-counter markets, in balance-sheet services and energy dispatching, as well as in the development of software for the energy portfolio management. The new company was created through the acquisition of a 50% share in the trading company of Central European Energy Services s.r.o. (CEES).

With the aid of TEDOM trading, TEDOM will succeed in creating its own energy ecosystem. This process starts with the actual production of CHP units, followed by their operation and production of energy under the wings of TEDOM Power, and it results in retail sale of the produced energy to end customers by TEDOM energie. Thus, TEDOM trading is the next step in the creation of a wide portfolio of services for the entire Group.

“This is a long-term strategy of the TEDOM Group. Our vision is to move from mere production of CHP units to smart power engineering, which is a new model of power engineering that is characterized mainly by the decentralization of various energy sources,” says Vladimír Hlavinka, CEO of TEDOM.

TEDOM trading will sell or buy its own generated energy in the wholesale market but at the same time, thanks to its own aggregation block, it will also be able to provide the power balance services for ČEPS (Czech Transmission System), thus maintaining stability in moments of a shortage or surplus of power in the grid. To provide this service, TEDOM obtained the necessary certification in the spring of 2022.

“At the present, TEDOM is able to offer its customers interesting business models ranging from connecting to the aggregation block to creating its own block based on the granted license for the software solution of the aggregation block. The potential of CHP units, photovoltaic power plants or any small-sized sources of energy can be fully exploited only by combining this potential into a virtual power plant with similar sources,” explained CEO, Vladimír Hlavinka.