calendar 12.07.2022
The celebration of 30 years of TEDOM took place this June in the modern premises of the Cubex Prague Conference Centre and was attended by both foreign business partners who flew to Prague from all over the world, as well as our long-standing customers and colleagues from individual foreign branches.

The main purpose of the evening program was to commemorate 30 years of the company’s history and present the new corporate vision. The CEO of TEDOM Vladimír Hlavinka outlined the further development of the company and its plans for the future. 

The guests were accompanied throughout the evening by Czech TV reporter Linda Bartošová who invited Josef Jeleček, the founder of our company, Marek Malík from Jet Investment on behalf of TEDOM shareholders to the stage. David Kinsley from the Kinsley Group, Bartosz Krysta from Veolia Polska, Kamil Čermák from ČEZ Esco, Laurent Barrieux from Greengas and Hans Korteweg from the European cogeneration support association COGEN Europe also spoke from partners, customers and distinguished guests. 

During the evening, the presentation of the redesign of the TEDOM logo was introduced, the author of which is the renowned Czech graphic artist Lumír Kajnar. 

You can see how the whole evening went in the video below: