TEDOM helps in Ukraine: two CHP units for the city of Chuguiv

calendar 10.05.2023
TEDOM has joined the Czech government’s humanitarian aid for war-affected Ukraine. We will gradually deliver two Cento CHP units to the city of Chuguiev in the Kharkiv region, a city of 30,000, for the local municipal boiler plant.

The first CHP unit started its 1800 km long journey from Třebíč to Chuguiv at the beginning of May and is already in place. Thanks to the delivery of our CHP unit, the boiler house will soon be able to supply hot water to the adjacent urban area, its residential buildings and other civic infrastructure.

“TEDOM also provides the complete delivery of each unit – including design, installation and commissioning. Some of the services will also be provided by our Ukrainian partner, NKM Group,” says regional sales director, Robert Géc, who was in charge of the entire project.

The second CHP unit will be shipped in the upcoming months.

The contract for the production of both units, worth a total of 20 million Czech crowns, was signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and the financing for production and transport was provided by the government’s humanitarian programme. “We are pleased to be able to contribute our part to the reconstruction of infrastructure and rehabilitation of war damage in Ukraine,” adds Robert Géc on behalf of TEDOM.