Major 12.9 MW energy project at ZGH Bolesław, Poland

calendar 01.03.2024

Recently, one of the most important projects of the TEDOM Group was commissioned at the premises of the Polish company ZGH Bolesław, which we implemented in cooperation with Introl Energomontaz. The modern cogeneration system consisting of three Quanto units, which replaced an outdated coal-fired steam boiler, leads to a significant increase in energy efficiency and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to environmental protection.

The plant, located in Bukowno, produces 12.9 MW of electricity, 5.9 MW of heat and almost 10 tonnes of steam per hour. The electricity produced is used continuously by the customer, the heat is partly used for the customer’s needs and the residual heat is distributed through heat pipes to neighbouring towns. This project not only increases the energy independence of ZGH Bolesław, but also serves as a model for other companies in the heavy industry sector for more sustainable energy solutions.


About ZGH Bolesław

Zakłady Górniczo-Hutnicze “Bolesław” S.A., Poland’s largest and Europe’s leading zinc producer, boasts more than 70 years of tradition in mining zinc and lead ores and producing zinc products of the highest quality for demanding customers in Poland and abroad. Despite the closure of mining operations due to the depletion of deposits, ZGH continues to expand its production capacity by introducing innovative technological solutions at a global level. By using modern technologies that emphasise recycling in the production process, the company not only remains competitive on the market, but also contributes to the sustainable use of natural resources.