Energy Solutions Arrive in the UK with TEDOM

calendar 07.08.2023
We are proud to announce the opening of an official TEDOM branch in the United Kingdom. This strategic expansion marks a major step for TEDOM as we are strengthening our presence in the UK after being active in this market for more than 10 years with over 350 TEDOM CHP units delivered via our former partners.

The TEDOM UK branch is powered by a team of energy professionals with an impressive two-decade track record in the cogeneration business and energy sector. With their expertise, we ensure seamless customer service and support, making the energy solutions experience for our customers truly exceptional.

The advantages for UK customers are vast:

  • Enhanced Customer Proximity and Understanding: Located in Andover, the UK branch enables deeper insights into the energy needs of UK clients, leading to tailored solutions.
  • Faster Technical Support: With skilled technicians on hand in the UK, swift responses ensure smooth machine operations and excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Stocked Spare Parts: A well-maintained inventory at the UK branch means prompt order fulfilment and minimal downtime, ensuring uninterrupted CHP unit operation.

“TEDOM’s expansion into the UK market represents another milestone in the growth of our decentralised energy service offering. By further strengthening our presence in the region, TEDOM can provide our customers with efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to their energy needs,” says Miloslav Kužela, TEDOM’s Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Board.

Beyond cogeneration technology, we take our customer’s energy needs to the next level with personalized solutions crafted through our comprehensive energy audit. Experience energy efficiency like never before with us!