7 CHP Units in the Biogas Plant in Suchohrdly – reference video

calendar 14.09.2023
In Suchohrdly near Miroslav in the Czech Republic, an interesting agricultural project was created in 2007 by Renergie s.r.o., which managed to combine livestock and crop production with a biogas plant and cogeneration technology. Over the years, this project has gradually expanded to include other energy sources. Currently, the local agricultural company founded by Ing. Karel Kuthan is comprised of a total of 7 TEDOM CHP units, which supply the farm buildings, greenhouse and biogas plant with cheap electricity and on-site heat.


The resulting complex of downstream technologies, processes and buildings is largely independent of electric power supplied by the public grid. In fact, if necessary, the plant can also operate in “island mode.” The project is also interesting from the standpoint that Tedom is the technology supplier, as several generations of CHP units from the Cento model range have been in operation and still are to this day.

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