Training of TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump for energy auditors

TEDOM introduced its new product to energy auditing experts in the form of a half-day training related to the inspection of the installation of the TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump in the premises of its company in Tøebíè.

The training was held on Wednesday, 19th June 2013, in the morning. The aim was to acquaint independent experts and specialists in the field of energy with TEDOM gas heat pump technology, to discuss with them the specific possibilities of application of this unit and to mutually exchange the knowledge from existing practice.

“These trainings or rather discussions conducted with independent energy experts constantly confirm us that our energy analyses are correct and that our company is moving in the right direction in the development of this technology and here, just as with CHP units, we continue to develop a device that delivers significant cost savings on energy to our customers, and we also contribute to reducing CO emissions2 as economically and ecologically, we produce 2 energies at the same time, “said Ing. Luboš Nedvìdický, head of the gas heat pump project at TEDOM.”We will definitely continue to organize these trainings which are a valuable feedback for us being very important for our further technical development,” said LukᚠJanèok and Jiøí Linhart in their presentation block.


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