New types of CHP units with discounts

We offer a limited number of new CHP unit types at attractive introductory prices. These are state-of-the-art CHP units which have adjusted pricing in order to enhance marketing and sales of the CHP units.

Presently, the following new CHP units are available with a discount:

  • Micro 30 – with external sound enclosure
  • Cento 80 – biogas
  • Cento 130 – natural gas
  • Cento 210 – natural gas and biogas
    Immediately available: Cento 210 in container design, 50Hz, 210 kWe, natural gas fuel.
New types of CHP units with discounts

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity!

You will save on the costs of new CHP unit acquisition
You will get the most advanced CHP unit model with top-quality components
Your CHP unit will meet the latest emission regulations

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