TEDOM Micro T35 will be in New York

Only a few weeks after its establishing, the TTCogen joint venture managed to sell the first TEDOM CHP unit. The Micro T35 kW unit is designed for a residential building with 138 apartments in Brooklyn, New York.

“We are pleased that the first order arrived so soon,” says Jiøí Janša, TEDOM Regional Sales Director for North America. “Such a quick start proves that CHP units are very popular in the US. We believe that in the coming months, the TTCogen team will be able to build on this first success with further orders.” The CHP unit will supply the building’s inhabitants with warm water and electricity at the same time. The unit will also serve as an emergency source of electricity and thus tenants do not have to worry about power outages
. Thanks to the easy installation, Micro CHP units are also suitable for older buildings when modernizing the heat source. The new TEDOM CHP unit should be commissioned in Brooklyn within this year..


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