The TEDOM gas heat pump commissioned in Brno

In September 2015, we commissioned the TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump at STEINEX a.s. meat processing plant in Brno, the leading manufacturer of meat products.

The electric cooling with direct evaporation of the refrigerant was replaced by the gas heat pump. In the meat processing plant, it preserves the temperatures in the production technology and the prescribed temperatures in storage areas. It also supplies the heat for the sanitary water preparation, washing plastic crates and preheats the supply water for the steam generator. This saves fuel in the hot water boiler and the steam generator and preheats the feeding water for the steam generator thus saving the fuel in the hot water boiler and the steam generator.

At the same time, we operate the heat pump at the customer and, in cooperation with BUT, we monitor the compliance with all the parameters that we have promised to the customer.More detailed information about the project, including the technological scheme, can be found here. There is also availablea presentation video of TEDOM gas heat pump.


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