Monitoring of CHP units Operation

It is an “on-line” monitoring of the operation and technical conditions of the CHP units. The remote monitoring allows a very fast reaction to possible malfunctions of the unit often even preventing them. This service helps save the customer’s money by significantly reducing the shutdown time of the CHP unit in the event of a fault.

Monitoring of CHP units Operation

Advantages of TEDOM Monitoring

It reduces maintenance costs due to timely analysis of operation values
It minimizes shutdown time of CHP unit
It allows to analyse the condition of the unit without the necessity of a maintenance technician
It does not interfere with the CHP unit operation
It allows the configuration of a CHP unit control system without the necessity of its shutdown
It always informs the operator about possible operational problems.

Levels of TEDOM Monitoring

The condition for the connection of a CHP unit to remote monitoring is the internet connection at the installation site. Remote monitoring services are charged according to the pricelist (available on request at monitoring@tedom.com.)


Periodic daily monitoring of the operational values of a CHP unit, storing of operational history. An eventual maintenance intervention is carried out upon request.


Non-stop monitoring of CHP units' operational data, storing of operational history with retrograde data analysis and its evaluation. Regular information updates about the unit's condition, customer notification in case of an urgent operational problem. Analysis of the technical state of the unit, including recommendations for the operator, telephone support for planning the regular maintenance of a CHP unit.

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