Maintenance Directly from the Producer

Abroad, the TEDOM CHP units are maintained by the maintenance partners which are regularly trained and provided professional technical support. In Germany we have acquired a vast maintenance network with 200 maintenance technicians due to the acquisition of Schnell Motoren. In the Czech Republic we have 9 own maintenance centres with more than thirty maintenance crews.

The goal of TEDOM maintenance is to enable the customer to have the longest and most reliable operation of the CHP unit bringing him the expected profit. In case of any malfunction, a quick maintenance intervention is necessary from the closest possible place carried out by a qualified crew equipped with everything necessary.

Maintenance Directly from the Producer

Advantages of TEDOM Service

9 maintenance centres in the Czech Republic = security of a fast intervention
30 maintenance crews with fully equipped maintenance vehicles
More than 60 maintenance technicians professionally trained directly by the engines manufacturers
Top diagnostic equipment
Almost100 % spare parts available on stock
Experience with maintenance of more than 600 CHP units.

Maintenance centres TEDOM in the Czech Republic

We also maintain the CHP units equipped with engines of different producers - TEDOM, Caterpillar, MWM, MAN, Ford, Kubota, Škoda, LIAZ and others. We try to be as close to the operators as possible. Therefore, we continuously build new maintenance centres close to the customers.TEDOM Maintenance is not limited to the reparations only. On the contrary, we understand the maintenance as a complete care for a CHP unit to eliminate the malfunctions occurrence. The CHP units which have been running for tens of thousands of operating hours thanks to our maintenance are a proof.

TEDOM Maintenance in the Czech Republic

Kindly announce your maintenance requests or possible malfunctions on the following phone numbers:

T: +420 953 322 121
M: +420 602 723 522, +420 606 180 757

TEDOM Maintenance in Slovakia

Contact for TEDOM Maintenance in Slovakia:
TEDOM, s.r.o., Bojnická 18, 831 04 Bratislava

M: +421 910 911 246

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