ProCon Lite control system

The ProCon Lite control system is designed for Micro CHP units and Cento CHP units up to 100 kW output. ProCon Lite offers new features and increased operator convenience to customers.

At the first sight, the ProCon Lite captures attention with a larger display. While a monochromatic 7.5 cm diagonal display was used on the MiniCon 2 control system, the ProCon Lite display unit has a 12.5 cm diagonal colour display. There are 13 buttons around the display, 8 of which have a fixed function, and the other five functions change according to the current display on the screen. It is also worth mentioning that ProCon Lite control system supports the cooperation with the T-Con 2 concentrator, which is a prerequisite for installations requiring the cooperation of more sets both in parallel with the public grid and in parallel with each other in island mode. Another new feature is data communication with the ignition control unit.

Advantages for the customer
Thanks to the modular extensibility that allows the connection of other I/O modules, it is possible, for example, to be able to respond flexibly to some specific requirements of the customer at the installation site, such as the heating of the storage tank. Another great advantage is that ProCon Lite supports an Internet connection using AirGate service which has absolutely minimum connection requirements at the installation site. For Micro series CHP units there will be a choice between the MiniCon 2 and ProCon Lite control systems for limited time. The reason for using the previously used MiniCon 2 system may be for example that the customer already has several CHP units with this control system at the installation site, and it is more advantageous for him to request the use of the MiniCon 2 control system with regard to the operator and to integration into the master control system.

ProCon Lite × ProCon Sight
In addition to ProCon Lite, we also use the ProCon Sight system for CHP units with an electrical output of over 100 kW. At the first sight, there is a difference in the size of the display unit between these two control systems. ProCon Lite uses a diagonal display of 12.5 cm, while ProCon Sight is equipped with a 20 cm diagonal display unit. Hardware and software configurations of the ProCon Sight control system vary according to unit type and installation conditions.


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