Participation of Shentongroup and Tedom on occasion of Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas 2012 exhibition in United Kingdom

AD & Biogas is a prestigious industrial professional trade fair organized in the UK attended by many important personalities from the ranks of consultants, designers, biogas engineers, biogas station producers, and clientele from all industrial sectors.

Shentongroup had been active in the alternative fuel market for several years, but with a growing interest in these fuels in the United Kingdom, it decided to increase its market profile by participating in ADBA exhibition.
Shentongroup had a Micro T30 CHP unit at its stand. Both Micro and the bigger Cento units were of great interest.Tedom provided support with a team of 3 workers to help Shentongroup handle a large volume of demand for quality products.Marcus Dodsworth, director of Shentongroup’s CHP Operations Division, said: “This event has been very successful, we have introduced Tedom to the general public, we have made many important contacts, and we are currently working on several active projects. The support of our manufacturing partner Tedom was first-class and we look forward to our joint rapid growth in this lucrative sector.”


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