TEDOM Polo 100

TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump (GHP) is a compact solution for heating and cooling which can be used in many applications. Unlike a common heat pump with an electric engine driven by a compressor, the heat pump is driven by a gas engine.

TEDOM Polo 100

Typical Features of TEDOM Gas Heat Pump

It reduces the electrical load of objects, especially at peak times
It uses natural gas - a fuel with very low emissions
High efficiency due to the use of heat from engine and exhaust gases
The possibility to choose the coolant according to specific application
Cheaper operation compared to an electric heat pump
Minimum requirements for maintenance and space in the machine room

Application of Gas Heat Pump TEDOM Polo 100

It increases efficiency of fuel use in boiler rooms

It cools the exhaust gases coming from the boiler to the condensation boundary and returns the heat recovered back to the heating system. In addition, for the centralized heating systems with CHP units, the heat can be taken from the intercooler - an optimal engine cooling increases the life of a CHP unit.

Waste heat from industrial production returns to the process

During their operation, many industrial machines generate waste heat which needs to be removed from the production hall so that the machines are optimally cooled. The heat can be removed from the production hall by a gas heat pump and put to the production location where it is needed.

It air conditions production and office spaces of companies

In the summer period, it saves the electricity needed for the air conditioning of the buildings and at the same time, the energy needed for heating the non-potable water (NPW), in the winter period, it efficiently complements the heat sources. It can also ensure an efficient recuperation of heat waste from the ventilation of buildings.

It efficiently ensures heat recuperation in spaces with high humidity

TEDOM gas heat pump can also ensure efficient heat recuperation and air humidity adjustment in the spaces demanding in regard to the ventilation and air-conditioning of the indoor environment

It reduces operating costs where heat as well cold are necessary at the same time

TEDOM can also be a suitable alternative for industrial premises with an electric compressor cooling in the regions where the natural gas is cheap and available or where the capacity of the distribution network is limited.

To enlarge the possibilities of the use of a gas heat pump in other premises, we developed a gas heat pump TEDOM Polo 100 with direct evaporation. The project “TA04020173 / Development of a new cooling device for direct evaporation with gas combustion engine” was solved with the financial support of Technological agency of the Czech Republic.

To develop the gas heat pump we cooperated with company TC Mach s.r.o., which has long-term experience with heat pump production.


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