First TEDOM project for landfill gas in Poland

In April 2009 in Poland, TEDOM completed the first mine gas project outside the Czech Republic The proper implementation of the project was preceded by the creation of a consortium between TEDOM s.r.o. and ZEG S.A., Gorprojekt and a submitting of an offer of two CHP units in January 2008. The electrical output of each CHP unit was 1.95MW. After winning the tender, the project works and production began.

In December 2008, both Quanto D2000 SP CON CHP units were dispatched from the TEDOM production plant. During the first three months of 2009, installation and assembly works were carried out in KWK Sosnica-Makoszowy and KWK Szczyglowice which were completed in April by putting the units into permanent operation.Basic technical data:
– D2000 SP CON CHP unit with a Deutz genset,
– electric output 1946 kWel,
– heat output 1937 kWtep,
– electric efficiency 42,5%, generator voltage 6,3 kV
– CHP unit controlled via ProCon Sight controller with graphical display
– remote access to the CHP unit over the internet (from degassing station, mine and outside network)


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