First TEDOM gas heat pump in operation!

The prototype of the TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump was successfully put into operation in the production premises of TEDOM a.s. in Tøebíè. In the following phase of the test operation, the unit will be subjected to load tests at full output.

The TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump will ensure a part of the heat and cold supply in the Tøebíè production hall as part of the testing operation. In the winter months, it is mainly the heating of the production hall, office building and hot service water, in the summer months, the TEDOM gas heat pump will significantly contribute to the air conditioning of the production and administrative premises of the building combined with the preparation of hot service water. Thanks to its concept, the TEDOM Polo 100 can, in the course of the year, bring a significant cost saving on the energy for the company, depending on climatic conditions.


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