EU-DEEP project

In June 2009, the EU-DEEP project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the French company GDF Suez from Paris was terminated after five years of its existence by the last mutual talks in Brussels. During five years, 42 companies from 16 countries joined the project. Our company had participated in the project since the beginning and was the only representative from the Czech Republic.

The entire project was focused on decentralized generation and distribution of electricity and heat. The project defined several business models that were then tested in five locations in Europe (France, Greece, Great Britain and Germany). Tedom actively participated in the first experiment in Grenoble, France, together with SIEMENS PSE (DER controller, Local Trading Strategy Manager), ANCO (communication) and GDF Suez (UPS system). Tedom manufactured a 12 kWe / 36 kWt CHP unit and within the R&D developed a control system suitable for connection to the DER (Decentralized Energy Resources) system. The result of the experiment was to verify the functioning of the integrated system in relation to the electric distribution system and to switch to an emergency mode during its failure.


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