For Municipal & Industrial Power Generation

The installation of the CHP unit itself into the machine room is often solely a partial stage of the entire energy project. As the producer of the cogeneration technology we also ensure so called “turnkey projects” for our customers. This means that besides the delivery of the CHP units we also ensure the reconstruction or construction of heating plants, company energy centres etc.

For Municipal & Industrial Power Generation
Our goal is to design, implement and hand over a perfectly functioning unit to our customers reliably fulfilling its function.

Focused on Performance

The CHP units of higher outputs (Quanto series) are designed to meet large scale energy projects. For the customers who are able to ensure some parts of the cogeneration by themselves, we offer the possibility of a delivery of selected modules (e.g. delivery of a heat module without the motor-generator etc.)

Variable Design

For those who prefer a simple solution, we offer a version with sound enclosure where the individual technological components are assembled in our production plant and dispatched as a whole.The container versions intended for outdoor installations have the complete cogeneration technology installed inside the container or on its roof. The third possibility is a module version where the motor-generator set is delivered to the installation site directly by its producer and the other technologies from our plant. The assembly of the individual components is done at the location of the customer.

Machine Room Control

The Quanto output series is equipped with the ProConSight control system which ensures measurement, calculation and display of electric quantities. The measured or entered values are handed over to the motor management ensuring an optimal operation of the combustion engine depending on the output. A CHP unit can, of course, also be controlled remotely through the internet.

Heat Modules

In Horovice at the Beroun production plant, we manufacture exhaust exchangers from black and stainless steel.They constitute a part of the entire heat module which ensures the transfer of all the usable heat from a CHP unit into the heating system of the customer.

Advantages of TEDOM CHP Units

Each model line is designed to maximize efficiency and make installation as easy as possible.
TEDOM CHP units' long service life and reliability are a result of continuous development of all their components and optimization of maintenance intervals.
The operation of TEDOM CHP units is fully automatic and can be monitored and controlled remotely via internet connection.

Production Series of TEDOM CHP Units


20 - 55 kW


75 - 220 kW


600 - 4 500 kW
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