CHP unit dispatch to London

Kingsland Wharves is a prestigious development project downtown London. It includes the regeneration of older buildings and the construction of new apartments on the waterfront of the river.

This area is a conservation area with the need for renovation, in this case for commercial and residential purposes. The municipal office, housing associations and private developers in partnership cooperate on this project. The project must meet a number of environmental requirements resulting from the BREEAM assessment methodology, along with locally-determined requirements for building efficiency. Shentongroup, as the sole representative of TEDOM in the Great Britain, was selected as the supplier of the first TEDOM CHP unit Cento T100 of the new concept to the centre of London. The CHP unit will be installed in an underground boiler room and it will provide heat and electricity for the blocks of apartments. Another part of this project is the deployment of the TEDOM Micro T30 AP CHP unit. Shentongroup has implemented the CHP unit control system into the Imtech Aqua system operated by the customer.


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