Biogas station will be heating family houses in Èáslavice

The use of heat from biogas stations is not yet a common thing. Besides heating the fermenters to maintain the biogas station operation, most of the heat from the CHP units is often released to the air without any use, the reason mainly being the distance of biogas stations from residential buildings and the cost of building the heat lines. Due to this fact, we are very pleased with every installation using the heat from the biogas station efficiently, not only in the runner's premises, but also in their surroundings,

In Èáslavice near Tøebíè, it was successful and the local biogas station will supply the heat to 16 houses in the village from the following heating season 2014/15. This will be possible due to the heat pipe to which houses near the biogas station are connected “This way, we are trying to compensate their owners for the reduced comfort of living due to the increased traffic load associated with the operation of the biogas station,” says Ladislav Trojan, chairman of the local agricultural cooperative operating the biogas station. Houseowners can therefore expect about a third lower costs of their heating and hot water compared to their own heat production and, moreover, with significantly higher comfort.

The biogas station in Èáslavice uses the TEDOM Quanto D580 CHP unit for the production of electricity and heat.


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